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Clients contacting our International Law Firm Liuzzi e Liuzzi have the warranty of being adviced in Italy, Spain and Latin America by a team of qualified professionals expert in legal, fiscal, tributary, international matters.

We can assist you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day wherever you are: in Italy, in Spain and worldwide, also in case of urgent situations.

The organization of our law firm and the use of the most modern communication systems allow our clients to be continuosly in touch with our professionals without neither having to leave their houses or offices.

We assist privates, businesses and institutions.


Under the direction of lawyer Viviana Fiorella Liuzzi (member of the Bar Association of Rome Ordine and the the Bar Association of Alcalā de Henares- Madrid- Espaņa) and the Economist Yanina Veronica Liuzzi (member of the Register of Chartered Accounts of the Balearic Islands- Spain), founding partners and with the collaboration of other members that compose it (lawyers, external consultants and interns) the Liuzzi e Liuzzi Law- Fiscal - International Firm offers fiscal- tribute, legal, judicial and extra judicial assistance in Italy and Spain in the following areas of ITALIAN LAW and SPANISH LAW:

Civil Law- Criminal Law- Italian Tax Law- Intellectual Property- Administrative Law- Commercial Law- Labour Law- Immigration Law- Customs Law- Family Law- International Law- Labelling- Packaging- International Law- Law of Successions


Legal Advice and Assistance

in Italy


The International Law Firm Liuzzi e Liuzzi gives
legal advice in Italy and Spain.

Judicial assistance in all of the
Courts of Italy.

We assist you also for the request of
certificates of Italy with delivery worldwide.

Legal Advice and Assistance

in Spain

Legal Advice and Assistance in Spain

Our professionals are all of italian nationality qualified to work in Italy but in Spain as well with a wide experience in this Country.

Being lawyer Viviana Fiorella Liuzzi member of the Bar Association of Rome in Italy (Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma) and of Alcalá de Henares in Spain and the Economist Yanina Veronica Liuzzi with a degree in Monetary and Fiscal Economics is member of the Register of Chartered Accounts of Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

Legal Advice and Assistance

Latin America

Legal Advice and Assistance in LATAM (Latin America)

Our law firm warranties you also legal advice in all of the latin american Countries collaborating with professionals locally:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brasile, Cile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Republica Dominicana, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana Francese, Haiti, Honduras, Messico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Porto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela

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